Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hye to all readers !

On 22 Jun 2011, long long time ago. It was Haziq's Birthday :) So, I wanted to make some suprise for him. Hope menjadi lah ye. Planning with Adam and Irsyad. But Irsyad can't join sbb ade hal kot lah. Thanks to Auni Ali for the suggestion. Thanks to Adam, Irsyad, Lutfi, Aliff Imran, Mukhriz and Nunaa too ! Sbb sudi celebrated his birthday.

Mase nak pergi amik kek tuh pon berdebar-debar jgak. Takut lah kantoi nnti, so pndai2 la cover rite ! Terkejut jgak mase amik kek tuh, dapat blueberry lah plak kek tuh sbb chocolate moist cake dah habis. Hadui ~
Nak buat macam mne lagi kan, dah terbeli. Tibai lah jawabnye. Sorry eh Ajik, if you don't like it.

It's time for the suprised ! Mase buat tuh, die macam koma. Saya expect like this 'AHHHHHHHH !' Tapi tak pon, KOMA HABIS macam tak percaye jeh.
Die just cakap macam nih 'ALAH, ALAH, ALAH' ala-ala tak percaye gituh !
HAHAHA :D *Awat lah ngan boyfie aku nih ?
Banyak plak komen. It's OK la. Tak tau lah die terkejut ke tak. Malas nak tnye. *Merajuk (!)

And boleh plak mase nak potong kek, die taknak sbb SAYANG lah sgt dengan kek tuh. HAHAHA :D Kenape ? Sbb I tulis 'TO BELOVED HAZIQ' ke ? HEHEHE ^^ *Ohh ! Perasan den !

Lets see our pictures :) Thanks to Nunaa Jannah as a photographer for that day :)

Hope you have a NICE day ok :) Everyday, I do LOVE you !

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hello readers ! How your day hah ? Long time, tak update bloggie tersayang nih. bese lah, saya budak SPM 2011. busy with all homeworks, classes, examinations ! Fuhh ! Bunyi macam penat sangat lah kan ? HAHAHA :DD

Ok, topic for today : MY BECOMING BIRTHDAY, 31 July 2011 :)

Well, everyone want their birthday celebration great hah ! Same goes to me !
For those who had a boyfriend, you wish for the sweetest thing happen right ?

Let me gives some examples, *for guys, take a note please :) AJIK, you too please :P
When it comes your lovely girlfriend's birthday, you should :

-call her, if you're far apart and wish her. sing a song to her through the fone. MAKE SURE YOU CALL HER EARLY ! At the night or in the morning before she gets up from sleep.

-give a card that has a hand written message by you about how you feel about her and the relationship. Make sure it is honest and heartfelt, not just what you think she wants to hear. It should have some mention of event that was meaningful to the both of you.

-flowers are still great, but NOT as the only gift. Make sure they have some SPECIAL MEANING to your girlfriend.

-DON'T give the same thing you did last year, or the year before that. You need to show you CARE, make it ROMANTIC and SPECIAL

- sing a Birthday song to her. DON'T feel shy, because for her, you're the sweetest guy ever in Earth !

-Make a superduper suprise for her ! And make sure that you're the ONE who gives her the present. NOT ANYONE ! Be a good supriser :)

-Buy her a lovely cake and make sure she LOVES the cake. I think almost of the girls LIKES CHOCOLATE MOIST CAKE :) And write a LOVELY wish on her birthday cake, like : I LOVE YOU TILL THE END, or anything. BE AS SWEET AS YOU CAN !

-Take a video, how you planning her birthday. And how her reaction when you're making the suprise. *The time you want to make suprise for her. Ask for your friends help to take the video.

-Take some pictures *also the time you want to make suprise. Ask for your friends help too ! She will feel lucky to have you because you want to make it as sweet memories :) And upload the photos on your own Facebook. Surely, you'll get a kiss. HEHEHE ^^

I think thats it for now. I wish my birthday for this year is the great birthday ever and become like above statements :) Surely, I'll melompat-lompat bahagia. YEAY ! Ajik, please make my dreams come true eh ! I trust on you. Keep it up dear, you can do it ! HEHEHE ^^

p/s : Ailableyu lah, Wan Haziq Hisham :)